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Interfit Badger Beam 60w LED Monolight

Made For Moving Creatives

The Badger Beam is a compact, light-weight and versatile 60W AC/DC-powered LED video and photo light. It can be used for both photo and video lighting and is compatible with all cameras, including smartphones phones.

Its compact and rugged construction means it can go anywhere and is a fantastic addition to any shoot either indoors or on-location. When not running on mains power this video & photo light has a powerful 2850mAh Li-ion battery pack gives an impressive 45-minute run time at full AC-power.

Cross Compatibility with Unlimited Potential

Video light with softbox and reflector for photography

Use with the same batteries as Badger Unleashed

photography light and video light image

Great as a Fill Light or with Gels

Used with Barndoors & Coloured Gels

Multiple Uses

Interfit Badger Beam with gel lights

Create Atmospheric Portraits With Gels

With the Badger Beam you can start playing around with different photography lighting effects, just attach some barn doors and place a coloured gel on one side of your model's face to create split lighting. You can even position a Beam on each side of the face to light up your subject with two colours or use a beam and a badger unleashed or 320, like we said they are cross compatible.

Interfit Badger Beam used as a fill light

Transform an image instantly

In television, film, stage, or photographic lighting, a fill light (often simply fill) may be used to reduce the contrast of a scene to match the dynamic range of the recording media and record the same amount of detail typically seen by eye in average lighting and considered normal. With the Beam you can do just that helping you get instant exposure without having to put in another flash. 

Designed For Control & Compatibility

The Badger Beam comes packed with features to help you with your workflow and save you time when operating.

Battery: 2900mAh Lithium Ion Battery which will give you 45 minutes run time on 100% power.

Heat sync: Draws heat away from the LED

S-Mount: Universal bayonet modifier mount that you can use with any Interfit or S-Mount softboxes.

AC Mains Port: If you are somewhere that you can use power from the mains there is a mains port so you can keep running without having to use your battery.

-  LCD Display: our LCD display shows power percentage i 1% increments, colour temperature and battery life so you know exactly what your shooting.

- Battery Life Button: Always stay ahead with the battery life button so you know when you will need to swap our for a spare battery or switch to mains.