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Interfit Badger Unleashed 250w TTL/HSS Battery Flash

  • Speed: Super sharp images with HSS up to 1/8000th and with only a 1.5 second full power recycle it can keep up with anything.
  • Power: 250w over a 9 stop range gives absolute control.
  • Functionality: Full TTL compatibility, and can be controlled from up to 90m with multi-functional remote.
  • Portability: Fully battery powered, with up to 430 full power flashes from a single charge. S type modifier mount giving countless light shaping options.
  • Compact: Weighing only 2.3 kg and only 15cm wide it can be used in any situation.

Sports Photography With High Speed Sync

Photographing speed is never easy especially when you only have one shot! Being able to control the light and not compromise your camera settings is a must. During this assignment, we were able to shoot at high enough shutter speeds to freeze the action even though at times we low light conditions due to the think tree canopy. This was all down to the HSS mode on the Badger Unleashed which allows your camera to sync at super hi-speeds using the dedicated remote, making it perfect for extreme sports like this.

£69999 Unleashed Kit
£5999 Battery Pack
£7999 Canon
£7999 Nikon
£7999 Sony  

Step Your Wedding Photography Up a Gear

Stepping Up A Gear Creating eye-catching, emotional wedding photographs is a real art but, can be quite limiting at times. Being able to manipulate light both indoors and outdoors is key to standing out from the crowd and is vital in the next stage of any photographer's journey. When using off-camera flash the drawbacks of traditional speed lights are slow to recharge, with 3rd party transmitters, not enough power and constant battery changing often make it very difficult to get the exact image you want and compromises have to be made. The Badger Unleashed allows you to overcome all of these drawbacks with its easy to use features, 250 watts of power and innovative design.

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