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For The Fearless


What is Fearless?

If you say that someone is fearless, you mean that they are not afraid and you admire them for this. To be truly fearless is more, it's about highlighting every day that we are fearless, be it someone protesting in the streets, an extreme sports photograph, a portrait photo, or just stepping out your comfort zone. That is what makes you fearless. 

Our Collection

The inspiration behind  #forthefearless

The inspiration for the fearless project was brought about when we questioned: "what does fearless really mean?" The idea behind our campaign is focused on the Badger Unleashed. We are asking for photographers (hobbyists & pros) to create content which captures “Fearless” and what that means to them. We would love to hear how the image was achieved and why you feel it encapsulates "fearless". It can be anything form skydiving to shooting in a style you have not tried before, it’s entirely up to you! We would like to get as an eclectic mix of content and showcase it on your behalf.


Sculpted into the bedrock of our company's ethos is creativity. Its what makes us, well us. Creativity is the compass point of our journey, shared by like-minded adventurers who appreciate our creative approach to lighting and the rewards of its discovery at the intersection of art, and science.