2 Easy, affordable Halloween looks Make-Up Tutorial

It’s that time of year again, Halloween is upon us! And if you are like me, you have left Halloween to the last minute and have no idea what to go as this year and there are no more decent costumes left in any stores.

I will be showing you two easy looks which can be achieved with basic makeup you will have in your makeup bag (or if you don’t wear makeup, someone you know will have!)

Look 1 – Zombie

Dressing up a zombie means the possibilities are endless. You can take your favourite character and zombify them, or you can just wear some old battered clothes and go as a zombie you! Either way, the choice is down to you whether you decide to splash some more cash on a costume as well as the makeup or save your pennies and wear what you already have.

You will need:

  • Light Foundation and/or concealer
  • Eyeshadow colours: Red, dark red, brown, dark brown, grey, black, dark blue
  • Lipstick colours: Red, dark brown
  • Eyelash Glue (optional)
  • Toilet paper (optional)

Step 1 – 3

Step 1: You want to start with a base of makeup which you would normally wear (or if you don’t wear makeup, just a layer of your palest foundation with a layer of powder, this will help the eyeshadows stick to your face and appear more pigmented)

My normal base I have just started with foundation, powder, mascara and a little eyeliner wing with my eyebrows filled in. Also, we are going to break makeup rules here and give yourself foundation lips to give a more ‘dead’ effect.

Step 2: Starting with your red tones of eyeshadow, start to blend in the colour where your own eye socket is. You can then start going in with darker shades such as dark browns and greys on the inner corner and gently transitioning the darker tones out to the centre of your eye socket, bringing the colours down to make it look like you’ve either been hit in the face or had no sleep for a long time.

Step 3: Using those same 3 shades (always start with the lightest colour first) start to contour your nose, making sure you are always blending them out to make them appear more realistic. You want to concentrate some darker tones right where your nostrils meet your cheeks to give yourself more of a sunken in, decayed look.

Step 4: Next you want to use the same three shades to contour your face how you normally would. If you do not know where to contour, you basically just have to follow your own bone structure with a darker shade going on your cheeks, jawline and on your forehead right by your hairline, making sure always to be blending out the colours as a block colour wouldn’t look as realistic. Then, with a light shade of foundation or concealer, highlight the sections (subtly) which you have not just darkened. So this would be your cheek bones, bridge of your nose, forehead and centre of your chin.

Step 5: Now we want to add some battle wounds. Here I have had a hit to the head and a little nose bleed, and some blood running down my mouth from my first victim. To do this, take a dark red lipstick and start to dab it with your finger in the places where you want your wounds making sure to fade it out.

Step 6: In the centre of the wounds, you want to add some dark colours (either using eyeshadow or lipstick) such as browns, dark blues, blacks and greys. If you can stomach it, I would suggest using reference images of bruises and cuts. Do not add the darker colours if you decided to go for the blood around the mouth, we want this part to look like fresh blood. If you have some fake blood lying around from last year, you can use it here and let it drip down your chin.

Now, you can leave the look here and still be Halloween ready, or if you are feeling a little more adventurous you can venture on to the next step of creating a fake wound.

Step 7: Take some toilet paper and split the sheets apart so that you are left with a very thin sheet. Then, rip around the edges, make this as rough as you can to create a better effect (see image 7 for reference). Apply a generous amount of eyelash glue to where you want the wound and crease the toilet paper up and stick it directly on the glue, making sure there are plenty of wrinkles in it to create burnt, decaying effect. Once that has dried, add the same foundation you started with on top of the tissue and blend it out to make it look like skin.

Step 8: Using the same methods as before, make the wound appear bruised and dark with your reds and brownsdark tones. Make sure to go back in with those contouring colours if, like me, you placed the wound over the cheek bones where we had worked on before. Then, very carefully rip a hole in the middle of the tissue – this is your wound! Using the same lipsticks to create the blood and bruises you used before, fill in the hole with these and begin to add darkest reds and browns in the centre of the hole to make it appear deeper. Again, if you have any fake blood you may add it to the hole and let it drip down your face for further effect.

To complete the look as mentioned, you can either make your favourite character zombie for your Halloween event or just wear your own clothes. If you are feeling extra, take some old clothes and rip them up and where the rips sit on your body, add some more bruises and cuts where your skin would show!

Look 2 – Skull

For this look, you will need:

  • Light foundation
  • Black liquid Eyeliner
  • Black eyeshadow
  • White Highlighter

Step 1: You want to start out with a base layer of foundation, making sure to give yourself foundation lips again as skulls don’t have lips! Once you have the base ready, we can start with mapping out where we want our skull first with the black eyeshadow. Again, I found it easiest to just follow your natural bone structure to help you mark out the cheeks. Once you have this mapped out begin to shade out the black down towards your jawline.

Step 2: You then want to darken your nose bridge with the black eyeshadow and bring it up between your eyebrows to make you appear like you have frown lines. Then following the outsides of your lips, with the eyeshadow mark a faint line outwards towards the cheekbones you have just made, making sure to blend it out. This is where the teeth are going to go.

Step 3: Again, with the black eyeshadow, shade vertically down across your mouth where your teeth would be (tip: follow your actual teeth as a guide). Grab your Liquid Eyeliner and make a tear shape on the tip of your nose, only instead of one point on the tear drop, split it to make two (like bunny ears!)

Step 4: Using the liquid eyeliner again, mark in where your teeth would be on top of the shaded lines you have already done. For the eyes, this one is up to you. You can either hollow them out just using black eyeshadow following the sockets of your eyes OR you can go for a smokey eyed look, which is what I have done here. You can add false eyelashes here if you wish to make your eyes appear bigger and darker.

Step 5: Using your white highlighter, begin to highlight pretty much all the sections of your face which do not have black shadow on them, not forgetting the bridge of your nose and on those teeth! (the ones you have drawn, please do not put highlighter in your mouth!)

Just like the Zombie look, you can pair this with any of the clothes you already own. I would suggest something black – if you can get a skeleton outfit, even better! 

I hope this helps inspire you this Halloween for a last minute, easy, affordable look. If you try either of these looks out, be sure to take a picture and direct message the image to us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and you may be featured on our page or story over the Halloween period!

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Writen by Kim Raybould

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