28 Faces of February.

I quit the day job in 2015 to concentrate on starting my own photography business.  Not an easy decision to make and not something for everyone.  If I had made the same decision in 2019, I would be telling a totally different story today. 

When Covid-19 hit the UK, like most people, I thought that a brief lockdown would see us through to a return to normal come the summer.  How wrong was I and, as a travel and people photographer, lockdown had disaster written all over it. 

I’m not good at being idle, and as many took to baking or DIY, I discovered the wonderful world of remote training: Nikon School, The Societies of Photographers, Wex webinars and Adobe, to name but a few, offer a wealth of low and no cost training videos and how-to guides. 

I was hooked and the thing that really captured me was lighting. Of course, we know that photography is all about lighting, but adding a Badger Beam to my Badger Unleashed gave me, what you might call, the lightbulb moment when I first understood how creative lighting is used to achieve amazing imagery. 

Next, I needed a project and that’s where ‘Faces of February’ came in.  One face, 28 different images, created through lighting, posing, backgrounds and the occasional hat.  My husband became my muse and I limited the lighting in all of the images to 

my two Interfit Badgers. I rolled the images out across various social media platforms, one a day over the month, and I’m absolutely delighted with the response, not least several bookings I’ve got in the diary for later this year.I’ve still got lots to learn, but using the confines of lockdown has yielded some unexpected and very welcome outcomes.

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