Adding something new to your wedding photography

With such a diverse standard of wedding photographer out there from people who do it as a sideline/weekend business, to full-time pros who travel all over the world and I’ve even heard somebody say they shoot weddings as a hobby! It is clear that wedding photography is probably the most competitive discipline within the photographic industry so it is key to stay up to date with new styles and techniques. 

Most modern DSLR and mirrorless DSLR cameras have a huge range of advanced auto settings and built-in light meters that take some of the hard work out of wedding photography. Combine this with the hundreds of Lightroom presents that can help change, enhance or even repair your wedding images. So it’s vital to be able to add another dimension that can’t easily be added in post edit or created by an ‘auto mode’ on the camera. 

Adding artificial light to help enhance your subject, fill in shadows or even overpower ambient light is a great way to take your wedding photography to the next level. Having the option to create lighting effects on overcast days or make the most of fantastic interior shots at a beautiful wedding venue is a trick all high-level pro wedding photographers use on a daily bases. 

I have put together a selection of photos taken at the same wedding that show the advantages of using off-camera flash during all aspects of the day. 

When on a wedding the light isn’t always where and how you want it, so using a Honey Badger Unleashed and a simple white umbrella can be a great way to create the light you want when and where you want it.

Here are two images taken at the same time with the same camera settings both images are unedited. The one on the left is natural light only, as you can see it has some shadows on the face and dark eye sockets. This images is ok and could be put through photoshop or lightroom to create a reasonably good looking final image. 

The image on the right is again using the Honey Badger Unleashed with a white umbrella to fill in the shadows and compliment the natural lighting giving it what I believe to be a real professional finish.

Here are a couple of finished images, not a huge amount of post-editing just enough to punch them up a bit.

Candid images are a key part of any wedding shoot, a great time to capture this is during the speeches. A lot of the time speeches are later on in the day and you could easily be losing daylight or you’re having to rely on the mood lighting that the venue often likes to use during dinner. The other alternative is to use a camera mounted speed light but this can be a bit harsh, if you are bouncing the speed light off the ceiling this can be a bit inconsistent. In these images, I set up a Badger Unleashed (on TTL mode) in the corner furthest away from the top table. This allowed me to roam around taking pictures knowing they would be correctly exposed.

Sometimes you will see an area of a venue that you would like to use but it’s not always possible as the available light isn’t good enough and firing a camera mounted flash just won’t get the look you want. I just put the Badger Unleashed on a stand behind the couple and fired it up and it filled the area and didn’t overpower the available, this added depth to the image.

Here is the finished image, again not a huge amount of post-edit just kept it simple. 

Being able to add light to create simple effects quickly will add huge creative possibilities to your wedding photography and it will also help you stay ahead of the crowd.   

The Interfit Badger Unleashed is a fantastic step up from any speed light and is a great addition to your kit bag.    

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