Julian Roberts


Shaping Light

In my work, I love using colour. I’ve always said that I like to think of it as ‘colourful goth’! In this blog I’m going to go through four of my favourite images where I’ve looked to use coloured light in different ways and shapes for these characters. For this shot, I had a flash, modified with a snoot and a warm yellow gel positioned on the left and slightly to the rear of the model. The sidelight was gelled with a navy blue, and these were the only two... Read More

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Working with People by Ben Bentley

People, eh?! People are the worst. People can also be the best. Many people I encounter are traversing thatever-fascinating middle-ground between those two extremes. It’s my job (and if you’re reading this, quitepossibly yours too) to tell a story by way of photographing them.I’m not sure that my following ramblings that you’re about to try and muscle through qualify as tipsnecessarily, but here are four thoughts or reflections on shooting portrait work over the last decade. “You need to have a solid plan. You also need to be willing to... Read More

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Light Painting with Matthias Dengler

Seeing how people create images and develop their own style, is something we are very passionate about here at Interfit. When a talented German-based photographer called Matthias Dengler popped up on our radar, we were keen to get in touch and see what he’s about. Matty is a self-taught photographer with over 13-year experience in; architecture, interior design, travel and sports photography, and is lucky enough to work all over Europe. He uses a fantastic technique call ‘Light Painting’ This style of photography consists of using a long exposure and... Read More

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Location location location By Walter Evans

Now I know it has been a while but at last, we might be seeing some light at the end of this pandemic situation and I like many others are all dreaming of shooting in various locations rather than within our own four walls. So, with the exciting prospect of shooting on location again, I thought I’d share some of my tips and process to try to help you make the most of location shooting. Planning is the Key. Without a doubt planning your location shoot well in advance is... Read More

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28 Faces of February.

I quit the day job in 2015 to concentrate on starting my own photography business. Not an easy decision to make and not something for everyone. If I had made the same decision in 2019, I would be telling a totally different story today.


Get the most from your pop up background

Whether you are using your pop-up background for a video call with a new client or a location portrait shoot, there are some simple tips you can do to get the most out of it.     Set up.  The best place to start is to make sure that your background is secure. Having your background fall or slip out of position can be both frustrating and even embarrassing. There are a few ways to prevent this.     Use a dedicated stand clip and stand. These are easy to use and are relatively inexpensive.   Use the Velcro loops on the top and side to attach to a boom... Read More

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Up & Coming: Greg

With the launch of the new Badger Beam LED we thought it would be a good idea to see what life is like as a freelance videographer. We had the opportunity to have a chat with Greg from Q1: Hi Greg hope you’re doing ok? So, what first made you want to get into video production? Hey Interfit, thanks for having me! I think first and foremost, I’m a graphic designer who slowly crept through different mediums as and when the opportunity arose, I think that’s probably the case... Read More


Up & Coming: Indica Cambell

Hi I’m Indica Campbell a singer song writer from Birmingham.  Q1 – “How long have you been recording music for?”  I started recording music when I was about 16/17 when I was in collage with my flat mate. Then officially recorded my album when I was 21.   Q2 – “How old were you when you wrote your first song?”  I had a few books as I was growing up and started to form songs, but they were mainly made up of different lines. They formed in to songs when I met my band... Read More