Badger Unleashed


Speedlite Vs Badger Unleashed

The next stage in any photographers journey is the manipulation of light, being able to control light especially when on the go adds huge possibilities and can make you stand out from the crowd. Off camera flash is becoming more and more popular with professional photographers because of its versatility and a lot of clients will book because of the style it offers.  Most photographers when getting in to off camera flash rush out and by a speedlite because it’s the right thing to do, isn’t it? Choosing a speedlite... Read More


Interfit Badger Unleashed The Student Way

Proof you don’t need to be a pro photographer or spend a lot of money on strobes to get pro-level beauty lighting. Recently, while teaching my Commercial Photography Course at LMU in Los Angeles, the students got a chance to shoot with the Interfit Badger Unleashed!  Battery powered, no cords needed! We experimented with different beauty lighting techniques using the Interfit Foldable Softbox and Foldable Beauty Dish. Here’s what we did… Sideways Clamshell  Flash: 2 Badger Unleashed w/ 2 soft-boxes (no grids) Model positioned between the lights with the soft-boxes feathered slightly back toward the backdrop, creating a... Read More


Photographing Beer – By Walter Evans

When someone mentions beer we instinctively think about that golden glow, the beads of cold sweat running down the glass and we can virtually taste our favourite beer as after all it isn’t just about taste it’s a visual thing also. However, pulling a beer bottle from the fridge we are left visually disappointed, but the image we have created sticks in our mind. This is where commercial photography has influenced us with tantalizing images of those cold refreshing beers. I’m sure we have all seen a beer Image from... Read More

Interfit Essential Wedding Kit 03/06/2019

Unleash Your Wedding Potential

As a wedding photographer you get to work in some amazing places with wonderful people. However, this does have its draw backs, the biggest being there are no do overs! Making sure that you capture the best images first time is vital. Organising the days shoot whilst dealing with the constant pressure of time, as well as changes in the weather is no easy task so, the last thing you want to worry about is lighting! From combating bright natural sunlight or creating dramatic lighting on an overcast day being... Read More

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Photography News Issue 65: Badger Unleashed 5 Star Review recently wrote a review of the Interfit Badger Unleashed 250 TTL/HSS Battery powered flash in issue 65 2019. We are thrilled with the press they have given this compact powerhouse flash unit. “Photographers needing portable lighting have never had it so good” Verdict:The Badger Unleashed 250W TTL/HSS is terrific value at £300 plus £72 for the TTL trigger. It works well with quick recycling and capacity, has decent output levels, is good to use and portable for a studio type unit. For the price of a decent speedlight... Read More