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Light Painting with Matthias Dengler

Seeing how people create images and develop their own style, is something we are very passionate about here at Interfit. When a talented German-based photographer called Matthias Dengler popped up on our radar, we were keen to get in touch and see what he’s about. Matty is a self-taught photographer with over 13-year experience in; architecture, interior design, travel and sports photography, and is lucky enough to work all over Europe. He uses a fantastic technique call ‘Light Painting’ This style of photography consists of using a long exposure and... Read More

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Up & Coming (Paul Nelson)

Here at Interfit we are always keen to help promote up-and-coming photographers. It’s always great to find out how and why they do what they do! In a series of interviews, we are going to talk to young photographers which are just starting their journey or, are on the cusp of moving to the next stage in the hope to inspire, shed some creative light and showcase new ideas. Our Firth and first interview of 2020 is with Paul Nelson, Paul is a self-taught professional photographer from the outskirts of... Read More

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Up & Coming The Round Up

Here at Interfit We are keen to support and showcase creative individuals from all walks of life. We are all about promoting the next generation, the ‘Up and coming’. This year we were lucky enough to talk to some fantastic photographers and get a bit of an insight to how and why they do what they do. It’s amazing to see how differently people have come to work in the industry and what inspired them to do it. So as it’s somehow Christmas again we thought it would be a... Read More