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Light Painting with Matthias Dengler

Seeing how people create images and develop their own style, is something we are very passionate about here at Interfit. When a talented German-based photographer called Matthias Dengler popped up on our radar, we were keen to get in touch and see what he’s about. Matty is a self-taught photographer with over 13-year experience in; architecture, interior design, travel and sports photography, and is lucky enough to work all over Europe. He uses a fantastic technique call ‘Light Painting’ This style of photography consists of using a long exposure and... Read More

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Recently, I had the amazing opportunity to work on some new incredible shots with two of my favourite teams. I had worked previously as part of a group social shoot, at TankSpace, one of very few underwater photography and videography studios in the UK. The setup is great  – as a photographer, I was very thankful not to have to get suited up and head into the water myself, but get to remain on dry land and shoot through into the tank. Needless to say the previous shots had gone down... Read More


The Monolight With Many Uses

It’s hard not to come across Interfit products these days when one’s on the mission to buy good-quality LED lighting. I had been searching for something new to accommodate my videography needs better. Tungsten lighting just didn’t do it for me anymore, I wanted lights that are much more versatile and much less energy consuming, without overheating and being potentially dangerous (nothing wakes you up on an early morning shoot quite like an exploding bulb!). I’m more of a daylight kinda gal too, always preferred cooler colour temperatures around the... Read More