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Interfit F121 Photography Flash Head 07/08/2020
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Guide to Interfit Flash Range 2020

The main differences between the Interfit F121, Badger Unleashed, Honey Badger and S1 & S1a apart from the power output is the size of each unit and some other features like TTL & HSS. The Badger Unleashed & Honey Badger Unleashed are the most compact and are a level above our F121 Range.   The F121 The F121 is our entry level flash range, for those photographers that want to dip their toes into the world of flash but, also want value for their money before they upgrade.   The F121 is available in two different power options: 100w (watts) and 200w (watts) of power and we also do a range of kits with modifiers. The F121’s are quality flash heads that offer full manual control only... Read More


The Badger Unleashed comes face-to-face with -25c, 100-mile Ultramarathon in Mongolia.

The Badger Unleashed proved to be truly fearless recently as it was put through its paces by our Creative Pro Leo Francis (@leofrancisphotography). It started with a phone call from Leo asking if the Badger Unleashed had ever been tested at -30C! After doing some research and numerous lengthy conversations with our engineers we were confident that the Unleashed was up to the job and would power on through. We made a bespoke woolly hat for the Badger Unleashed and Leo was ready for action. Leo was asked to go... Read More