Create not stagnate

We all love picking up our cameras and being creative either outdoors or in the studio.

But what do we do when this isn’t possible? Should be just pack our camera gear away and stare out the window dreaming?

Of course not, this is the perfect time to get those creative juices flowing and start shooting from home. Whether its your spare room, dining room or garage.

Small space big ideas

It’s a small space I hear you saying, and this will be hard to create anything. Well ehh yeah exactly it’s a small space and it will make you think hard how you approach every aspect of the shoot and get the creative mind working overtime.

It will be frustrating I’m not going to deny that. Placement of lights and camera will be a huge challenge, but this is when the Badger unleashed can really help you get the shots you need.

The Badger kicks out 250w from the 290mAh li-lon battery with up to 430 full-powered flashes. It is also compatible with all S-mount modifiers and pop up softboxes

The good thing about shooting in a small space is you also don’t need a massive amount of equipment to create

Basic equipment list-

– 2x Badger Unleashed.

– Strip box / Square softbox.

– Standard reflector.

– Snoot With grid cap.

– Black, Gold, Silver Card (Cloves pegs)

– Some tracing (greaseproof) paper

– C-stands with Boom arm and grip (normal light stands will do also)

I would recommend Using a Saw horse as they take up very little room.

Create not stagnate One light wonder

So, before we go all guns blazing and start tying ourselves in a knot. Let’s start with the simplicity of a one-light setup.

1x Badger a strip, Softbox and some silver card is all you need.

I know what you’re thinking what am I meant to do with that.

The strip, Softbox as the Key light than using the silver card as fill light as you can reflect some of the light onto your subject. This works a treat when shooting small items such as a watch face, especially if you layer stack shots

How about your favourite Beer or Whisky?

A strip box to one side fired at an angle through the tracing (Greaseproof) paper, this gives a subtle highlight to a bottle. Then placing a Gold card behind the bottle will give that much-needed glow to the liquid inside.

This is Just two very simple setups but image what you could do with just 2x Badger Unleashed, Some coloured card.


Without a doubt, the key is to be experimental and approaching shooting in a smaller space with an open mind. As you will be rewarded with some spectacular images and may even lose yourself in your new-found studio space for hours on end.


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Create not stagnate
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