Guide to Interfit Flash Range 2020

The main differences between the Interfit F121, Badger Unleashed, Honey Badger and S1 & S1a apart from the power output is the size of each unit and some other features like TTL & HSS. The Badger Unleashed & Honey Badger Unleashed are the most compact and are a level above our F121 Range.  

The F121 
The F121 is our entry level flash range, for those photographers that want to dip their toes into the world of flash but, also want value for their money before they upgrade.  

The F121 is available in two different power options: 100w (watts) and 200w (watts) of power and we also do a range of kits with modifiers. The F121’s are quality flash heads that offer full manual control only but at a fraction of the price of others on the market. You can hook up your camera to the F121 by either using the Radio Controlled Remote or Sync Cable directly into the unit. It also utilizes the Bowens S Type mount meaning you can use a range of modifiers or umbrellas using the umbrella tension hole.  

Interfit F121 Photography Flash Head
Interfit F121 100w Flash Head

You could say that the F121 is a no thrills flash that will actually give you a thrill. For a photographer starting out using manual control can be quite scary but it doesn’t have to be. So, we have put together a blog to explain all you need to know. Read blog here (Link to Flash is not flashy) 

View F121 Range Here 

Badger Unleashed & Honey Badger 320 Range 

 The Badger Unleashed is packed with 250w (watts) of power with HSS (High Speed Sync) and TTL (Through The Lens Technology) If you don’t know what they are we have created two videos to explain:   
Watch HSS Video 

Watch TTL Video 

The Badger Unleashed is battery powered with a recharge time of 90 minutes and will deliver 430 Flashes on full power at (250 watts). The battery is removable which means you can just swap it out for a fully charged one. The Badger Unleashed also runs on AC power too. (DOES THE BATTERY RECHARGE ON AC?).  

The Badger Unleashed is a perfect option for traveling photographers that want to shoot on set or outside where power is not accessible. 

Whereas the Honey Badger 320 is a mains powered 320W flash and will deliver as many flashes as you need.  

Shot On Honey Badger 320

The Honey Badger 320w is a powerhouse of a flash. Perfect for studio environments it has a fire rate of 1 second allowing you to have short flash durations to freeze motion beyond the capabilities of your shutter sync speed to capture details at its sharpest. 

Key Differences:  

Badger Unleashed 250w 

  • TTL 
  • HSS 
  • Battery Powered (swappable) or AC 
  • Recycle Time: 1.5 Seconds 
  • Dedicated Remote 

Honey Badger 320w  

  • 320 Watts of power 
  • No TTL or HSS 
  • Mains Powered Only (AC) 
  • Recycle Time: 1 Second 
  • Universal Remote 

View Badger Unleashed Range 

Badger Unleashed 250w: £299.99 (at time of article) 

Honey Badger 320w: £199.99 (at time of article) 

The S1 & S1a 

The S1 range is the most powerful of all our flashes at 500w (watts) If you are looking for aflash that can shoot on the brightest day into direct sunlight then this can do it and more. It comes with HSS TTL so you can have full control when required. We have two options when it comes to the S1 range, The S1 is Battery and mains (AC) powered whereas the S1a is mains (AC) powered only. The S1 will deliver up to 400 Flashes on full power making it great for on location shoots and sport photography to freeze motion up to 1/8000th of a second of your cameras shutter speed. 

Interfit S1 Image of Wakeboarder using High Speed Sync HSS
Shot on S1 by Leo Francis for Red Bull

Whereas the S1a is great for studio work, allowing you to break through the light to create that perfect image and sharp details. Both S1 heads use the Bowens S Type Mount so you can use all our Interfit Softboxes or, your existing Bowens Mount S Type system.  

(Insert Image of Beauty shot) 

Both heads use our Dedicated TTL & HSS Remotes for NikonCanon & Sony.  

Key Differences: 


  • Battery & Mains Powered 


  • Mains Powered Only 

View S1 Range 

Interfit S1: £599.99 (at time of article) 

Interfit S1a: £399.99 (at time of article) 


The Interfit Flash range is comprehensive offering a range of functionality and power output. The F121 is the least powerful but great for those starting out. The Badger Unleashed is more powerful and gives you many options with HSS & TTL whilst still being compact and portable. The Honey Badger 320 is even more powerful at 320w with manual functionality and AC powered. The S1 & S1a are the most powerful of all our flashes at 500w and both offer HSS & TTL the only difference is one is battery and mains powered where the S1a is Mains only.  
If you have any questions about our flash you can get in touch with our team by clicking here.


  • Stephen Wood

    No doubt you have great kit, but for me, only used to speedlights, the problem is to work out ALL the components I need, not just select the right head. You have a link on your site for “Home Kits” (or similar) but when I click on I see “Sorry, this page isn’t available…” So – is there a way to get a list of all the cables, controllers, stands, adaptors & modifiers etc needed to take portraits assuming I have nothing but a camera and a wall socket? Thank you.

    • Hi Stephen, Thanks for your comment we are working on a series of blogs at the moment that will address just that so stay tuned on our site. I have checked the link and it seems that it was broken so I’ve fixed that but it is more for those that need to conference not shoot photography, however here is the link:

      If you have questions like that you can get in touch with our tech team who are great and walking people through what they do and do not need just head here and raise a ticket and they can set up a call if you are looking to purchase new gear:

      The great thing about Interfit kit is you don’t need to have sync cables because all our heads work with our dedicated wireless remotes, but we do include one in case you do want to use them interfit flash heads use the S mount Bayonette system which is compatible with all our softboxes as the Bowens S mount system, we do adapters called Speedrings on our modifiers section so you can convert existing profoto or Elinchrome to our heads.

      We do in fact do complete kits that will get you set up such as the double Honeybadger 320 kits or you can build your own kit here:

      as I’ve said we have a series on its way so stay tuned but feel free to get in touch with the team if you are looking to purchase some new gear.

      Kind Regards