Honey Badger & S1 Digital Camera World Feature with Walter Evans

Walter Evans

www.walterevansphotography.co.uk I’M A photographer and commercial drone pilot based in Insch, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. I run photography sessions in portraiture from my home studio, which I try to keep light-hearted and fun while the client can also leave with pictures they’re proud to hang up on their walls. I recommend regularly posting your pictures and your setup on Instagram, as a year ago I was approached by Interfi t who saw what I was doing with their equipment and I’ve been sponsored by them since!

Shooting from his home studio in Scotland, Walter’s bread and butter is capturing local food and drink produce, fi ne-art portraits, and running photography workshops

have fond memories of learning to use my father’s old Canon 35mm fi lm camera as a kid, even when I wasn’t supposed to! Now I regularly use Canon digital cameras and lenses for my commercial work, which ranges from portraiture, to product photography of beers and other local produce. Living in Scotland I’m surrounded by some brilliant micro-breweries and I’ve been lucky enough to land some of these as clients, and I’ve still been able to continue my product photography for them from home while in lockdown. It’s my job to create tantalizing images of their refreshing cold beverages. I’m sure we have all seen a beer image shot professionally and been impressed with just how thirst-quenching it looks. Shooting a subject that has so many refl ective surfaces can seem a daunting task, but it’s made much easier by using a polarizing fi lter to reduce the glare. I also spray matte lacquer or vegetable glycerine onto a lukewarm bottle to make it look much cooler and refreshing than usual. I regularly run workshops giving amateur photographers the opportunity to work with talented models and make-up artists. I’m looking to expand these to run over a weekend in the near future. I always enjoy chatting with my clients prior to a shoot – the passion they have for their brand and product can be so infectious that I’m driven to showcase all their hard work and create some mouth watering images for them to go home with.

In Walters Bag

Canon EOS 5D Mark III IT MAY be old school and not the latest bit of kit, but my Canon EOS 5D Mark III has a rock-solid build and has been a reliable workhorse for several years, coping with whatever I’ve thrown at it like a total champion. I use it with a BG-E11 battery grip, so I can shoot in the portrait orientation easily too. I’m probably due an upgrade and I think I’ll be looking towards one of Canon’s new full-frame mirrorless models when the time comes for it – they look so impressive.

Canon EF 85mm f/1.4L IS USM THIS IS hands down one of my favourite lenses, it’s such an amazing all-rounder. The lens has Image Stabilization, which is mind blowingly sharp and produces amazing bokeh when wide open, especially when combined with fl ash or natural light. I use this for product shoots and portrait work a lot – I know It’s not the lightest lens to carry around all day, but it keeps delivering glorious results.

Sigma 105mm f/2.8 Macro EX DG OS HSM THIS LENS is a wolf in sheep’s clothing! I’m astounded every time I use it by just how sharp it is, especially when you consider it can be picked up for around £350. When it comes to really getting close to your subject and capturing those very fi ne details this does it every time, and it’s great for portrait shoots too, because the telephoto focal length keeps facial distortions to a minimum.

Interfit 250w Honey Badger Unleashed www.interfitphoto.co.uk THE INTERFIT Honey Badger Unleashed is a lightweight 250w battery powered HSS and TTL flash that you can use almost anywhere. I’ve done a shoot on top of a mountain using this – it’s so compact! And shooting in cramped spaces is much easier because of this. I find the battery lasts for a full day and the S-type mount means you can fit a variety of modifiers to it like a beauty dish or soft box with ease.

Interfit S1 TTL & HSS flash www.interfitphoto.co.uk THE S1 is the big brother of the Honey Badger with 500w AC power, which has Through The Lens (TTL) and High Speed Sync (HSS) functions, it can also handily be powered by a Li-ion battery too. I usually run it from the batteries to save space in my studio and not have to worry about tripping over cables. It can be controlled with the dedicated trigger, which eliminates guessing the power output, as its stated right there on your camera.

Microsoft Surface I JUST love my Surface book and it has been on-location shoots with me from the start. I always shoot tethered straight into the Surface using the Tetherpro cable from Tether Tools (the orange cable above). The detachable screen means you can show your client the images straight away on location and make any changes they may require. It’s also powerful enough to run Capture One and Adobe Photoshop CC with ease, so I can edit on location.

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