Light Painting with Matthias Dengler

Seeing how people create images and develop their own style, is something we are very passionate about here at Interfit. When a talented German-based photographer called Matthias Dengler popped up on our radar, we were keen to get in touch and see what he’s about.

Matthias Dengler

Matty is a self-taught photographer with over 13-year experience in; architecture, interior design, travel and sports photography, and is lucky enough to work all over Europe. He uses a fantastic technique call ‘Light Painting’

This style of photography consists of using a long exposure and while the shutter is open you use a continuous light source to fill in areas of shadow or add colour. This technique lends itself perfectly to work with the Badger Beam LED. So naturally, we got one to Matty to see what he could do.

He has created a fantastic blog with some behind the scenes images and videos showing how he uses this style of photography to create his finished images.

“In this article, I am going to show you how I use an LED-video light to light any sort of room in a luxurious hotel. To this shoot, I brought the Interfit Badger Beam 60w LED Video Lighting Monolight,…”

“…that way, I could improve the image from this basic poorly-lit shot to a well-lit interior photograph, showing all the highlights of the room in detail and in flattering light...”

“ is way more important to plan your shots ahead than carrying many heavy flashes to your shoot. This way, it is much more convenient and time-saving on location as well as lighter and cheaper to light any hotel room you might run into…”

Check the full blog and images READ HERE

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