Location location location By Walter Evans

Now I know it has been a while but at last, we might be seeing some light at the end of this pandemic situation and I like many others are all dreaming of shooting in various locations rather than within our own four walls.

So, with the exciting prospect of shooting on location again, I thought I’d share some of my tips and process to try to help you make the most of location shooting.

Planning is the Key.

Without a doubt planning your location shoot well in advance is the most important and key element for any Location shoot. You do not want to take the chance to just wing it as this could possibly lead to delays or even missing the shot altogether. Also, something as simple as forgetting to charge the batteries or load a memory card are simple mistakes but with great planning, this won’t be an issue. (Don’t worry I’ve earned that badge)

Go for a walk.

So, you have picked your location and checked google to check other people pictures of the location, but have you actually been and seen the location for yourself?

Just because you think a location looks good on google doesn’t mean when you turn up things will be as expected. If possible, go visit the location in advance if possible, during different times of the day so you can see how the light effects where you might be shooting, and this will also give you and Idea of what outfits/ style will really make the most of your location. 

This also gives you and opportunity to plan your shoot and work out light placement also and even camera settings such as shooting wide open as the light on location might not be sufficient with smaller apertures. So, using HSS might be an option. So, what better light to use than the Badger/S1 with their HSS capabilities.

Early bird.

You want to be at your location well before the model, Make-up artist turn up so you can walk around your shoot location again without any distractions and even go over the shoot in your head as there may be a few minor tweaks required on the day. This may also give you an opportunity to chat with the owners and to possibly get last minute requests. (IE what areas you can and can’t use, also if there is furniture what may or may not be used as some of it could be easily damaged.) 

Come well prepared.

So, we have turned up and are ready to shoot but can’t seem to get the shot you wanted as the shiny new lens you brought just isn’t the right focal length. So, the shot ends up being frustrating as you just can’t get the images you need. However, if you pack a variety of lenses with a variety of focal lengths you may capture an image that really makes the shoot and also less chance of tripping over and smashing that expensive Ming Vase.

The F word

Ok I’m going to say it, please don’t be shocked “FUN” phew I’m glad I’ve got that out. Yes, the day needs to be fun. You can’t expect yourself or your team to perform if they feel under pressure or if you feel stressed so stop, breath, tell a few jokes, even thrown in some weird poses just to break the Ice with everyone. As this may be the first time the team has worked together, and everyone will be wanting to get some amazing results from the day.

So, there we go 5 Top tips to help you plan your location shoot and hopefully help you get the results in you want on the day. 

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