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Here at Interfit we are always keen to help promote up-and-coming photographers. It’s always great to find out how and why they do what they do! In a series of interviews, we are going to talk to young photographers which are just starting their journey or, are on the cusp of moving to the next stage in the hope to inspire, shed some creative light and showcase new ideas.

Our first interview is with Billie, She is an up-and-coming dynamic, female photographer from Birmingham in the United Kingdom who takes inspiration from the City’s Thriving Culture. Birmingham is the second-largest city in England located in the West Midlands region, with multiple Industrial Revolution-era landmarks that speak to its 18th-century history as a manufacturing powerhouse. It’s also home to a network of canals, many of which radiate from Sherborne Wharf and are now lined with trendy cafes and bars. This makes it a prime spot for some urban photography with true British roots.

The Questions

Joe – “Billie, let’s just kick it off with telling us what was your exposure to photography before you decided to study it? What really made you take that jump into this industry.”

Billie – “Originally, I was starting my final piece for my GCSE art when I wanted to create a photo that I could draw, I had created a self-portrait in my garden on a timer and edited wings on my back which was my first step into photography and as far as jumping into the industry goes, I’m passionate and stubborn I need to be in the industry I love!”

Joe – “So having just told us about what made you jump into photography. Is there a photographer that you admire and why?”

Billie – There are so many amazing photographers that inspire me to do what I do, I love looking up to female photographer who can do it all, who put their heart and soul into photography such as Interfit’s very own, Talia White, Iulia David and travel photographer Rebecca Spencer! All powerful talented women.”

Joe – “Non-photography related Billie, In your opinion where is the best place for a night out in Birmingham?” 

Billie – Well, when I find the energy to go out out, I always end up on Broad street where I am forever ending up in Pryzm where I start and not too long after end my night.”

Joe – “If you could photograph any famous person (alive or dead) who would it be and why? –  I’m not famous so you can’t pick me I’m afraid.”

Billie – “Haha, hard question there are so many! I do think it would be Maisie Williams, not only am I a huge Game of Thrones fan but she is creative, down to earth and soo relatable from her podcasts.”

Billie Harrison: www.bfhuk.com

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Joe – “It’s a hard question to answer but, where do you want to be in 5 years?”

Billie – It’s the hardest question but shooting for the stars, I will be a full-time freelance photographer with my own studio maybe even an Interfit creative pro hint hint, travelling the world and creating amazing photographs on my full-frame camera, confident and happy in my work.”

Joe – “When was the last time you shot on a camera that wasn’t digital?” 

Billie – Recently, on my newest film camera a Ross Ensign and always on my Canon Ae-1 Program which I have had ever since I started photography and love so much that I got a life size version tattooed on me.”

Joe – “Birmingham is a thriving city with lots of culture, is there a part of Birmingham you love shooting in and if so why?” 

Billie – As much as I love Digbeth and its bright colours and constant changing backgrounds, I do love heading into the Jewellery quarter and photographing the city in the background and all of the flowers and solid coloured walls.”

Billie Harrison: www.bfhuk.com

Joe – “How do you find inspiration?”

Billie – Pinterest obviously is a go-to, creating mood boards and picking up helpful tips and looking at inspirational photographers on Instagram looking”

Joe – As an emerging photographer what advice would you give to others to help stand out?

Billie – I think the best thing you can do is just push yourself! Be inspired and find your niche! You have to take photos to find your style so get out there and work with people! Try new things and make something new, don’t be afraid to collaborate with photographers and artists.”

Joe – “What is your ‘go to’ kit when on a shoot?”

Billie – On-Location my go-to is my Canon 80D, a 50mm 1.8, a 18-135mm and a reflector but for studio photography it’s the camera and lenses I just mentioned and my Interfit Bi-colour ring light, Tethercable and a MacBook Air.”

About Billie:

I have been a Photographer for 3 years, in this time I have worked with brand’s such as ASOS, Assata Clothing consistently on their clothing line & Palmblu on the launch of their website and bikini brand and the launch of Printed weird the brand.

Billies Social Platforms:
Instagram: Bfhuk

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