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Up & Coming: Greg

With the launch of the new Badger Beam LED we thought it would be a good idea to see what life is like as a freelance videographer. We had the opportunity to have a chat with Greg from Q1: Hi Greg hope you’re doing ok? So, what first made you want to get into video production? Hey Interfit, thanks for having me! I think first and foremost, I’m a graphic designer who slowly crept through different mediums as and when the opportunity arose, I think that’s probably the case... Read More


What to get the Photographer or Videographer in your life 2020

Christmas seems to come round quicker and quicker, and with advent calendars and mince pies starting to fill the shelves, this year is no exception. Despite this, you probably haven’t given a huge amount of thought to buying Christmas gifts. So, here are a few ideas from us at Interfit Photo & Video that are sure to put a smile on the face of any content creator this Christmas.  (NEW) Badger Beam £199.99 This 60W battery COB LED is perfect for all video and photography uses. Whether you are into... Read More


Up & Coming: Indica Cambell

Hi I’m Indica Campbell a singer song writer from Birmingham.  Q1 – “How long have you been recording music for?”  I started recording music when I was about 16/17 when I was in collage with my flat mate. Then officially recorded my album when I was 21.   Q2 – “How old were you when you wrote your first song?”  I had a few books as I was growing up and started to form songs, but they were mainly made up of different lines. They formed in to songs when I met my band... Read More

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Recently, I had the amazing opportunity to work on some new incredible shots with two of my favourite teams. I had worked previously as part of a group social shoot, at TankSpace, one of very few underwater photography and videography studios in the UK. The setup is great  – as a photographer, I was very thankful not to have to get suited up and head into the water myself, but get to remain on dry land and shoot through into the tank. Needless to say the previous shots had gone down... Read More

Interfit F121 Photography Flash Head 07/08/2020
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Guide to Interfit Flash Range 2020

The main differences between the Interfit F121, Badger Unleashed, Honey Badger and S1 & S1a apart from the power output is the size of each unit and some other features like TTL & HSS. The Badger Unleashed & Honey Badger Unleashed are the most compact and are a level above our F121 Range.   The F121 The F121 is our entry level flash range, for those photographers that want to dip their toes into the world of flash but, also want value for their money before they upgrade.   The F121 is available in two different power options: 100w (watts) and 200w (watts) of power and we also do a range of kits with modifiers. The F121’s are quality flash heads that offer full manual control only... Read More

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Flash isn’t Flashy

We often get the same response when speaking to people about flash photography. May it be over the phone or at photographic events, we hear a lot of… “ Flash is too hard..” or “I wouldn’t know where to start with flash!”  So, we thought we would try and debunk some of the myths around flash photography and prove why flash isn’t some sort of witchcraft and is key to progressing as a photographer.  1. FLASH IS REALLY COMPLICATED? NO, not really. It’s true that there’s a lot to learn,... Read More

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Honey Badger & S1 Digital Camera World Feature with Walter Evans

Walter Evans I’M A photographer and commercial drone pilot based in Insch, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. I run photography sessions in portraiture from my home studio, which I try to keep light-hearted and fun while the client can also leave with pictures they’re proud to hang up on their walls. I recommend regularly posting your pictures and your setup on Instagram, as a year ago I was approached by Interfi t who saw what I was doing with their equipment and I’ve been sponsored by them since! Shooting from his home... Read More


What Modifier do I need?

We often get asked “What modifier do I need?” closely followed by “What does it do?”. So to try and make things a bit easier we have put together a list of our most popular modifiers, explaining what sort of light they create and what sort of photography they are good for. A great all-round modifier is a rectangular softbox. This Jack of all trades can be seen everywhere from portrait studios to location video shoots! These come in all different sizes and are a great starting point for anyone... Read More


Shifting the weight of wedding photography

Wedding and event photographers are always in a position of uncertainty never quite knowing how the day will play out. However, there are a couple of things we can be certain of, a lot of time on our feet and long hours!   This type of photography means having to adapt to every situation, but this comes at a cost, typically in the form of weight.  Two DSLR’s with a. 24-70 and a 70-200 is a lot of weight to have hanging on your shoulder for hours on end. This weight brings fatigue, pain, and can limit your range of motion, which can cause us to miss vital shots.  Having to Accepting that... Read More

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Adding something new to your wedding photography

With such a diverse standard of wedding photographer out there from people who do it as a sideline/weekend business, to full-time pros who travel all over the world and I’ve even heard somebody say they shoot weddings as a hobby! It is clear that wedding photography is probably the most competitive discipline within the photographic industry so it is key to stay up to date with new styles and techniques.  Most modern DSLR and mirrorless DSLR cameras have a huge range of advanced auto settings and built-in light meters that... Read More