Pet Pawtraits at home with Darren Kidby

I got into photography when I was around 16 years of age. Life got in the way and drifted away from hobby and got into work, wife and kids.

Around 3 years ago I bought a canon M5 off my brother (a wedding photographer) to take pictures of my dog Stanley (Rottweiler) which got me back in the game.

Having re-discovered my love for it I decide to upgrade and now shoot with a canon 5d MKIII, a 70-200mm 2.8 and a pair of Interfit Honey Badger 320’s, so you could say I’ve started taking it seriously!  

I am now the owner 2 Rottweilers Stanley and Doris of which I am very proud as both came 1st in their respective classes at Crufts this year which was highly competitive. Taking the time to photograph your pets whether they are cats, dogs or even a snake is a great way to keep the creative juices flowing if you’re not able to get to the studio at the moment.

From living room to home pet studio in 20 minutes

This is a really simple two light setup that I use all the time and I find it gets great results!

I liked this clam shell set up, Honey Badger above with 42” beauty dish with grid and Honey Badger with pop up soft box on the floor for fill light.
Everything is set even the light metering is checked before bringing in the dogs as they can get bored quite quickly. Then I use plenty of treats to help keep them in place , end result was 1st click while Stanley posed for the camera.

Welcome to my pop-up home pet photography studio.

As you can see by this image I have a 2 light set up (Honey Badgers which I am very happy with).

The main light, above has a 42” beauty dish with grid (set at full power), the fill light on the floor (power set on 4) has the pop up soft box which came with the lights.

Pop up black backdrop behind.

 Quick light meter but this can also be done with your camera. I would advise using a pet substitute when getting the lights and camera set up. Having everything set up and ready to go as soon as they are sitting still is a must!

This was my first click and it came out just as I wanted  

So there it is my super easy 20-minute pet ‘Pawtrait’ at home studio setup. Give it a go just don’t forget the pet treats!!

Equipment Used:

Honey Badger 320 Watt Head
Interfit Pop Up Softbox
Interfit Beauty Dish

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