Photography News Issue 65: Badger Unleashed 5 Star Review recently wrote a review of the Interfit Badger Unleashed 250 TTL/HSS Battery powered flash in issue 65 2019. We are thrilled with the press they have given this compact powerhouse flash unit.

“Photographers needing portable lighting have never had it so good”

The Badger Unleashed 250W TTL/HSS is terrific value at £300 plus £72 for the TTL trigger. It works well with quick recycling and capacity, has decent output levels, is good to use and portable for a studio type unit. For the price of a decent speedlight and at a good price for a battery powered studio type flash, the Badger Unleashed comes highly recommended.
Pros: Compact, S-mount, capacity output range, good performance
Cons: Nothing at this price

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Photographers needing portable lighting have never had it so good with so many battery-powered studio light solutions on the market, The Badger Unleashed 2SOW TTL/ HSS might have an unusual name but it tells you what’s on offer and its cool looks certainly make a change from the usual anonymous black boxes. It is a rechargeable battery-powered unit with an output of250Ws and with the optional £72 Remote trigger gives TTL flash metering and High Speed Sync (HSS). The 250Ws power output is at the lower end of what you expect of a studio flash but it is nevertheless very useful and practical for many situations. Its compact, lightweight body features an on-board battery which has enough juice for around 430 full power flash bursts, a LED modelling lamp, a nine EV power range selectable in O.lEV steps and uses the popular S-type modifier mount. The unit’s on/off switch is on the base of the unit, and its key controls are on the unit’s back panel. Control layout is simple and obvious, thanks to a large LCD panel and clearly identified, prominent buttons with the expected beep, slave cell and modelling light controls. No complaints here. I checked output using a Gossen flash meter set to ISO 100 using a standard 7in spill kill reflector on the front with the light lm and 2m away. The power range is 2 to 10 in O.lEV steps and at 10 I got f/16 at two metres and f/32.3 at one metre. At the 2.0 setting I got readings of f/1.4.8 and f/2.8 at two and one metre respectively, so no problem if you want to shoot at wide lens apertures. The power level control was not as precise as you’d expect, but that’s not an issue in practice
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The Badger Unleashed 250W TTL/HSS Flash Head
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The Badger Unleashed 250W TTL/HSS Flash Head
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