Tristan Fewings Working with Interfit

Hi I’m Tristan Fewings, I’m an editorial photographer shooting with Getty Images, my photography is entertainment based covering major international events such as Cannes and Venice film festivals, My work is very much people focused and diverse from shooting film premieres, red carpet events and photocalls, to location celebrity portraits and fashion, I also spend a lot of my time on assignment shooting directly with major brands.

I particularly love shooting fashion, covering London, Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks where I specialise in backstage and first looks. I’ve been shooting with Interfit kit for about two and a half years now.

My go to kit that pretty much travels with me all the time consists of two Honey Badger Unleashed flash heads and the TTL-C Remote to trigger them, the Interfit 66cm white foldable beauty dish and the 105cm white, silver and shoot through parabolic umbrellas with diffuser covers. The majority of my work is location based, for many years I relied on speed lights with small modifiers as I liked the speed and portability they offered but I ended up needing to carry more and more with me on shoots, especially to overpower bright sunlight so it made perfect sense to use more powerful flash heads.

The Honey Badgers really appealed to me, I like that they are bright yellow and look very different to other flashes, certainly a talking point when I open up my kit bag. Sometimes I only have a matter of minutes to scout a location, set up and get the shoot done so I like to keep my kit as simple and portable as possible.

A battery powered flash head is essential as my shoots can take place anywhere, usually without a plug socket in sight. My gear also needs to be tough and reliable as it can take a real hammering when I’m on assignment.

I like to travel with two flash heads, this gives me the option of doing a two light setup, for example have the beauty dish as the key light and the parabolic as a soft fill or I can utilise two one light set ups that I can quickly move the talent through to get very different looking images and maximise the shoot.

I also need the backup of having two lights with me in case one fails I can still get the job done with the other light. For speed I love modifiers built around an umbrella style opening, they pack flat so can easily go in my light stand bag. I like my lighting to be fairly soft and as natural looking as possible, I often blend flash with the available light, using a beauty dish to highlight the face or the parabolic to fill hard shadows.

The Interfit 66cm white foldable beauty dish is a fantastic modifier, I use this a lot as my main light, its a great size for portability and gives a lovely soft light, especially when used with the two diffusers, but retains a crisp directional feel. It’s essentially four modifiers in one as it can be used open like a traditional beauty dish for a punchy, high key look or diffused with the inner and outer fabrics for varying degrees of softness and then focused down even further with the included grid.

I like to combine it with the Interfit Speedlight Bracket when I don’t want to carry the Honey Badgers and am working with with just my speedlights ,for example, backstage at fashion week where space is tight and I need to stay mobile, I’ll often use this set up without a light stand, handholding the light. The 105cm Interfit Parabolic Umbrellas are incredible value for money, I generally use them with the diffuser cover creating a lovely large soft box at the fraction of the cost of a regular octabox, and without the faff of speed rings and rods to set up when time is precious.

I tend to always reach for the white one as it gives a beautiful soft, glowy light that is very flattering. I also carry the sillver version incase I need a bit more punch and crisper light aswelll as the shoot through which is great to light rooms up. I love the size of the 105cm, its not too big to become difficult to work with in smaller spaces but with the diffuser on creates a substantial soft box. I also have the 165cm which is an incredible modifier but you really need plenty of space to work with this one and don’t open it up on a windy day!

If you are just starting out and confused by the multitude of different modifiers out there, think about the kind of photography you are shooting and the sort of light that you want to create, hard light v soft light, heavily flash lit images or a more natural feeling. A good medium sized soft box or umbrella with a diffuser will give you plenty of versatility and is a great starting point. I’d recommend picking one modifier and use it as much as possible to get a real feel for what you can do with it.

Written by : Tristan Fewings


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