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As a wedding photographer you get to work in some amazing places with wonderful people. However, this does have its draw backs, the biggest being there are no do overs! Making sure that you capture the best images first time is vital. Organising the days shoot whilst dealing with the constant pressure of time, as well as changes in the weather is no easy task so, the last thing you want to worry about is lighting! From combating bright natural sunlight or creating dramatic lighting on an overcast day being able to have studio quality lighting is key! No one has time to carry around heavy power packs and huge flash heads let alone time to set them up and speedlights often can’t deliver.

Investing in the “Interfit Badger Unleashed Compact Battery 250w HSS/TTL Flash” essential wedding kit will help you to take your wedding photography up a gear. This kit has been put together with wedding photographers in mind. The large, easy to carry kit bag allows you to fit in all your camera gear, along with the two Unleashed battery flash heads, modifiers and there’s even space for a laptop!  Having everything in one place makes it incredibly easy to set up and pack down making the most of your time.

 The versatility of this kit is unbelievable, the 60cm pop up softbox is so easy to set up and attach, giving a natural soft window light effect perfect for bridal preparation or, when the sun doesn’t want to come out!  

Karl Baker Photography

Whereas the umbrella gives a dramatic wrapping effect and is perfect for combating bright sunny skies or sunsets with the HSS mode on. Being able to light a whole room with soft even light can be a real game changer.

Try using the two Badger Unleashed heads during the speeches on TTL mode allowing you to capture real emotion in a reportage style. Not having to worry about recharge times or, transmitter distance allows you to capture key moments; like the best man forgetting his speech or, when the father of the bride can’t hold back the tears. Shots like these are key to telling the whole story of the day.

The Interfit Badger Unleashed is fully wireless with a built-in receiver. The dedicated Interfit remote (Canon, Nikon & Sony) is simple to use, well designed and allows you to control everything from the camera (HSS & TTL) at the touch of a button. Having the ability to create and control light both indoors and outdoors opens a world of new creative possibilities that weren’t available a few years ago as portable lighting options were limited and very expensive. The overall cost of the “Interfit Badger Unleashed Essential Wedding Kit” is incredible value for money and because it’s from Interfit there is a vast range of accessories that are fully compatible.

Unleash your creative potential with the “Interfit Badger Unleashed Essential Photographer’s Wedding Kit”. 

Interfit Badger Unleashed Essential Wedding Kit
Karl Baker Photography

Written by: Joe Swift

About: Joe is the Interfit Product manager & a wedding photographer of 5 years. He has worked on some diverse and challenging clients over the years and established himself as one of the go-to photographers in the West Midlands. Joe uses the Badger unleashed and S1 models on his shoots.

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