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Here at Interfit we are always keen to help promote up-and-coming photographers. It’s always great to find out how and why they do what they do! In a series of interviews, we are going to talk to young photographers which are just starting their journey or, are on the cusp of moving to the next stage in the hope to inspire, shed some creative light and showcase new ideas.

Our Fouth interview is with Amy Heycock, she grew up in Queensland, Australia as young lass she exclusively listened to the Spice Girls until one day her Granddad gave her a stolen cd wallet full of hip hop classics shes spent time in New York and now bases herself in Leeds & London. Amy has two degrees, Bachelor Fine Arts majoring in Photography and Bachelor of Arts majoring in Media, Culture and Technology. Last year she did a semester abroad to the University of Leeds where she found my new home.

The Questions

Julian – “Hi Amy thanks a lot for taking the time to talk with us, we really like the diversity in your work and thought it would be cool to get to know you a bit. So you’re not just a photographer but also an artist and designer as well!. Do you like to combine these mediums or do you prefer to keep them separate?

Amy – I used to keep them separate but last year I started creating my art from my photographs. It was a real breakthrough moment for my embroidery work, making large-scale pieces based on the places I have travelled and the musicians I have photographed.

Julian – “How would you best describe your style of photography and what made you want to shot the way you do?

Amy – I am not sure, I guess because I am a visual person I never really had the ability to explain my style very well, maybe “digitally analogue capitalist beatnik street dreams”?

I change my approach with photography depending on what I’m trying to say or what the client is trying to convey. I spent a lot of time in the last years understanding the theory of visual communications in photography and how framing, angles, etc convey a certain meaning. Learning visual communications and understanding the weight that can carry in an image has really shaped the way I shoot.

Amy Heycock
Amy Heycock

Julian – “Is there a photographer that you would love to work with, if so why? ”

Amy – I would love to work with Anton Corbijn, but I would be terrified of disappointing him, I just want to make him proud of me.

Julian – “If you could photograph any famous person (alive or dead) who would it be and why? ”

Amy – I wish I had the opportunity of photographing Amy Winehouse performing, perhaps though she didn’t need another person trying to photograph her. I would love to be Kanye West’s inhouse photographer for his cult. I’m available to drink the cool aid.

Julian – “You’re currently in Leeds but have lived in New York and are originally from Australia. Is there anything you miss that you wish you could get in the UK? (Tim Tams or Penguins?)

Amy – I’m a Savoury person, so Vegemite is obviously essential but thankfully Morrison’s provides me with that. The thing I really miss is all the amazing South East Asian food. There is a yum cha place in Sydney called Bodhi, if I ever became Mariah Carey rich I would have them bring it over to the UK for every meal. But honestly I need England to step its Japanese cuisine game up.

Amy Heycock

Julian – “What was your first experience with a camera? And what made you think “This is for me”?

Amy – I wish I had a great profound moment I knew, but it’s really been what I wanted for as long as I can remember. I asked for a little point and shoot film camera for my 10th birthday because I wanted to be a photographer. My school seriously advised me against this idea when I was in high school. I didn’t have the grades to become a photographer. LOOK AT ME NOW MRS ANDERSON!

Julian – “So Christmas is coming up fast are you all ready or will you be running around on Christmas eve trying to get everything done?”

Amy – I will be pretty chill this Christmas, all my family are back home in Australia so I’ll have a few drinks and too much to eat with some friends. Mumbling to myself in the mirror about how cold England is.

Julian – “Music is obviously a bit part of your life, is this something you take inspiration from?”

Amy – Music hasn’t necessarily influenced my style of photography but has definitely inspired a lot of big changes I’ve made in my life. I was listening to a lot of Hip Hop and 60s art rock when I was 21 which led me to moving to New York where I interned at Interview Magazine and Island Def Jam Records. In the last few years I have been deep into British indie and rock and so now I have moved to the north to pretend to be a Gallagher brother. It’s worked out for me to let music dictate my life. Next I am moving to space to be with David Bowie.

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Julian – What do you find the most rewarding about being a photographer” 

Amy – I think the concept of even being able to be a photographer seemed so out of reach when I was younger growing up in a mostly working class town in Australia, sometimes the fact that I can say I am now is a bit surreal. I remember when I went to New York I was excited because I wanted to see what a working photographer looked like and see them in the wild. There is an independence that is rewarding about the work and the fact that you can take your work and travel with it. I am not very eloquent so having the ability to convey how I see the world in a way that can communicate without language is rewarding, not everyone has that capability in their work.

Julian – “What is you go to piece of kit that you can’t do without?”

Amy – I love my Nikon VR 70-200mm F/2.8, I love the way the long lenses create intamcey in the subjects and obviously to the viewer, I always use it for street photography and quite a bit in music. But you can’t go past a 50mm so maybe my Sigma 50mm f/1.4, I need fast lenses for live music so I wont buy anything that doesn’t go to at least f/2.8.

About Amy:

About Amy:
I grew up in Queensland, Australia as young lass I exclusively listened to the Spice Girls until one day my Granddad gave me a stolen cd wallet full of hip hop classics, and when I was 21 I had to go to the birthplace of hip hop and spent 12 months living and working in New York, where I learned what happens to your body if you eat pizza every day for a year. I returned to Australia and worked in Sydney for multiple magazines before landing a role as a Photographic Editor for Jetstar Magazine. In 2015 I decided to study two degrees, Bachelor Fine Arts majoring in Photography and Bachelor of Arts majoring in Media, Culture and Technology. Last year I did a semester abroad to the University of Leeds where I found my new home. After graduating I moved to the UK permanently and now am based in Leeds and partly in London because I can’t help but be drawn to paying over 6 pounds for a pint twice a month, also more bands tour in London.

Social Platforms:
Instagram: @amyheycockart
Website: www.amyheycock.com

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