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Hi I’m Indica Campbell a singer song writer from Birmingham. 

Q1 – “How long have you been recording music for?” 

I started recording music when I was about 16/17 when I was in collage with my flat mate. Then officially recorded my album when I was 21.  

Q2 – “How old were you when you wrote your first song? 

I had a few books as I was growing up and started to form songs, but they were mainly made up of different lines. They formed in to songs when I met my band mates and they introduced their melody’s  

Q3 – “How would you best describe your style of music?” 

Ironically I want to say indie but everyone interprets in differently, so its open to interpretation 

Q4 – “If you could sing a duet with any famous person (alive or dead) who would it be and why?  

There’s a really long list of people I would love to perform with past and present, but Amy whine house is up there I would have loved to have performed with her.   

Q5 – “You’re from Birmingham, how would you best describe the music scene and how has this influenced your music ?”  

The music scene in Birmingham is pretty tight nit, if you hang out with the muso’s you will know someone who knows someone. I wouldn’t say …..I’m not to sure how it has influenced my music. It’s just that the way I write I like to provoke emotion and make my songs relatable, because that’s the way I like to listen to music, which I’m sure a lot of musicians do as well. There are so many different genres of music and so much talent in Birmingham    

Q6– “Has anything embarrassing ever happen to you when preforming live?” 

Yes …uh if anyone has seen me preform they know that I don’t dance, that I’m just a two stepper, a two toe stepper. I’m really scared of wasps and one I was flying around me whilst I was preforming outsidethat video in on my Instagram if you want to check it out!.  

Q7– “What is you favourite hangover cue?”  

Try and avoid the hangover in the first place, so always drink two pints of water before bed otherwise Berocca and a nice big breakfast! 

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Hi I’m Indica Campbell a singer song writer from Birmingham.. 

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