Up & Coming: Jamie Lee (Model Series)

Here at Interfit, we are always keen to help promote up-and-coming photographers but we also want to promote the unsung heros of them all, the models. It’s always great to find out how and why they do what they do! In a series of interviews, we are going to talk to young models which are just starting their journey or, are on the cusp of moving to the next stage in the hope to inspire the next generation.

Our sixth interview is with Jamie Lee, Jamie Lee has been under the Charliez angelz agency for around 3 years and has had the pleasure of working with loads of fabulous ladies and photographers through the agency, she also says she’s made some incredible friends in the industry which is worth more then anything these days.

The Questions

“So here at interfit we like to see how the photographic process works from all angles, so we have taken the time to have chat with Jamie-Lee a local model that we have been lucky enough to work with in the past. find out the in’s and outs about being on the other side of the camera”

Julian – Hi Jamie-Lee,  thanks for taking the time to talk with us. Why and how did you start modeling?

Jamie-Lee – I did photography at a level and was always volunteered by other students to model haha, , then a friend started his clothing line and asked me go take some shots and it just kinda went from there.

Julian – What do you think about the competition in this industry, and the relationships models have with each other?

Jamie-Lee –OK, so whilst I do think some level of competition is good. It also on a person level makes me sad that some people in the industry do tear each other down and make others feel like they’re not in their level. I like to support fellow models, I’ll always send casting to others who would benifit more than myself.

Julian – What is the strangest thing you’ve been asked to do when on a shoot?

Jamie-Lee – I mean I wasn’t asked more required but I had to be covered in oil and lube to get a latex dress on. It’s probably not so strange but it was the first time I’d either wore latex so was a bit like oh ok.

Julian – What is a typical day for you when on a shoot?

Jamie-Lee – Get up, get showered, make up/hair (unless a mua is involved) triple check my case is packed, travel, Brief intro with tog and recap on ideas, shoot. It seems pretty simple but it takes alot. I also love a good chat and laugh and joke so shoots sometimes run over a bit or I drag people to get an aftershoot drink.

Julian – How would your best friend describe you in 5 words?

Jamie-Lee – Oh god, can I ask her hahaha… I think she’d say Caring, bubbly, supportive, hardworking and loving.

Julian – What sorts of settings/clothes/brands do you prefer to shoot for?

Jamie-Lee –I’m quite boring and I prefer a studio setting hahah, my style of clothing does vary, I like editorial style shoots, I’m really digging suits right now but I’m an alternative girl so combining them both is what I try to do.

Julian – What do you consider the toughest aspect of being a model?

Jamie-Lee –Bookings honestly getting bookings has become the hardest thing for me in the last 4 months and living up to expectations people put on social media.

Julian – What do you most enjoy about being a model?

Jamie-Lee –Meeting so many creative individuals like myself and of course the free merch doesn’t go a miss.

Julian – If you could work with any photographer who would it be?

Jamie-Lee –Oh, erm I’d love to work with Haris Nukem his work is phenomenal

Julian – What’s something about being a model that we might be surprised to hear?

Jamie-Lee –We do more than just stand in front of a camera hahah, I spend hours a week marketing and analysing trends and managing social media.

About Jamie Lee:
Hi I’m Jamie-lee, I’ve been a model for roughly 10 years, 3 of that professional 7 off and on hobbyist. I’ve had multiple online magazine publications including xpression,inkd barbie, My alternative mag just to name a few… I’ve worked with various independent brands such as: Magpie nest, Otis Jaxson, Kjprettythreads, YoungHollywood, Burnt Jasmine. I’ve been under the Charliez angelz agency for also around 3 years and I’ve worked with loads of fabulous ladies through the agency, and I’ve made some incredible friends in the industry.

Social Platforms:
Instagram: @Jamielee_Jade

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