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Here at Interfit We are keen to support and showcase creative individuals from all walks of life. We are all about promoting the next generation, the ‘Up and coming’. This year we were lucky enough to talk to some fantastic photographers and get a bit of an insight to how and why they do what they do. It’s amazing to see how differently people have come to work in the industry and what inspired them to do it.

So as it’s somehow Christmas again we thought it would be a great idea to catch up with a some of the guys and see what the festive season has in store for them.

“Thanks for taking the time to chat with us again. Just a couple of questions this time nothing to serious, it’s Christmas!”

“Do you get cheesy photography based cards and gifts, if so what?” 

Newo:-Thankfully not too many to be honest! I did get a weird wall art thing one year that was like ‘photography is the window to the soul’ or something… that (as with most ‘live laugh love’-style homeware) found its way pretty swiftly to the charity shop. I did get an amazing mug from work colleagues once – which I’m actually supping some mint hot choc out of this morning, getting in the festive mood! It’s got a sketch of an old Pentax on the front with “I shoot people” written underneath. That’s kind of fantastic though.”

Billie:- “Bauble photos or silly Christmas cards! Adding a funny photo of the family in is my thing so I love a cheesy gift!”

Amy:- Yeah, you always get a pocketbook on photography from a random great aunt. Everyone should give their kids and friends cameras for Christmas, even the little disposable ones rule. Once my younger cousin took mine and I got about twelve shots of my feet, very Tarantino!  

“What’s you plan for the big day?” 

Newo:-This year is one of very few years I won’t actually be heading back up North to have a big Yorkshire Christmas with the family. On Friday, (wonderfully timed to avoid the election fallout!) my partner and I are driving to France to go skiing for just over a week, and then coming back just in time to spend Christmas day with his family down here in Essex. I think I’ll be pretty tired by then, but all things being well, then a pre-New Year visit up North after a couple of good nights sleep to rest my weary bones!

Billie:- I’ve worked in pubs and bars for a long time so this will be my first Christmas where I’m not working the whole time! Soo I will this Christmas will be spent with all parts of my family and definitely will not be a chilled one! 

Amy:- I don’t have family in the UK so I’ll be having an orphans Christmas with some other folk in London. I plan to make a vegan lasagne and go into a carb-based sleep by 3 pm!

“Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet?”

Newo:- Actually, yes! I can’t say I got everything done before December, but I finally got everything all ordered at least – a couple more parcels still either wending their way to me, or getting lost in the postal system as we speak..

Billie:- “Honestly I haven’t started at all! I haven’t even got one present for anyone, I’m the most indecisive human alive”

Amy:- “I feel very seen by this question, I haven’t even started. I am hoping that my friends and family still find my presence to be a present.” 

We would love to say a big thanks to everybody who got involved with our ‘Up and Coming’ feature this year and we look forward to working with you all again soon.

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