Using iPhones & Android Phones with the Badger Beam LED Light

iPhone & Android Mobile phones do about everything, from giving you driving directions, to ordering your favourite takeaway. One feature on all smartphones is the ability to take photos or video at the touch of a button no matter where you are. Over the last few years, the quality of cameras on smartphones has increased massively. No longer is this just a gimmick to allow you to share something on social media, but they are fast becoming a serious tool for image creators.  

So, what could you do with a smartphone and the super versatile Badger Beam LED? We headed in to Digbeth in Birmingham to find out! The brief was quite simple, all images to be taken and edited on an iPhone.  

We were lucky enough to have access to the mobile versions of both Lightroom and Photoshop which meant we could use the range of Interfit lightroom pre-sets to help with the finished images.  

Top TipMost smartphone cameras will now have a ‘manual function.’ This will give you basic DSLR style controls meaning you may not need a third-party app.  

The venue was a cool bar called Nortons, luckily it was closed during the shoot, so we had free roam of the place!  

We used a maximum of three lights. The main light had a strip box which is perfect for shooting a single subject. The other lights were used with gel kits and 7” reflectors to add some colour and light to other parts of the shot.  

Shooting with continuous lighting is simple because what you see is what you get. This worked well with the Badger Beam and the iPhone as the whole screen becomes a viewfinder with live exposure!  

The first area we used had some lights hanging from the ceiling that we wanted to include as part of the background. This was easy to do by just dialling back the power on the badger beam and adjusting the exposure on the phone. This allows us to mix the LED and ambient light easily.  

Shot on iPhone with Badger Beam

Top Tip: When framing anything with a mobile phone try and use the grid function. This is useful and can avoid having to crop and straighten the image afterwards.  

Next, we moved to an area that was very dark, this gave us a fantastic opportunity to use the Badger Beam as the only light source. The first shot we only used one light with a strip box. This helped add some contours and shape to the image.  

Shot on iPhone with Badger Beam

For the third shot, we just turned everything around and used the area behind us. The light on the wall was a nice touch but didn’t have enough light to do what we wanted. So, we used a coloured gel and held the badger beam over our subject to give the impression the light was coming from the bulb behind her.  

Shot on iPhone with Badger Beam

There were so many areas to use we were spoiled for choice. This time we decided to add some colour. Still using the Strip box as our main light, we added coloured gels to our side/backlights to add something new.  

Shot on iPhone with Badger Beam

The final image had to include the incredible artwork that had been created by (add name). We were able to light this huge wall using just a Badger Beam and a standard 7” reflector!  

Shot on iPhone with Badger Beam

Why did we choose an LED over other types of photographic lighting? Simple, this type of LED light requires no camera synchronising i.e., triggers or cables. We were also creating video footage, so a light that can do both was necessity Also LED lighting is flicker-free meaning you can shoot video at much higher shutter speeds with no issues.  

With the technology in smartphones like iPhone & Samsung cameras becoming increasingly impressive with every new model. As well as LED lighting becoming smaller and more powerful, it is safe to say this will not be the last time we will use an iPhone to create some impressive images! 

If you have found any of this information useful or have anything to add please let us know in the comments below.  

Equipment Used

  • iPhone
  • Badger Beam LED Photo & Video Light
  • Interfit Stip Box
  • DJI Mobile Gimble

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