What to get the Photographer or Videographer in your life 2020

Christmas seems to come round quicker and quicker, and with advent calendars and mince pies starting to fill the shelves, this year is no exception. Despite this, you probably haven’t given a huge amount of thought to buying Christmas gifts. So, here are a few ideas from us at Interfit Photo & Video that are sure to put a smile on the face of any content creator this Christmas. 

(NEW) Badger Beam £199.99

This 60W battery COB LED is perfect for all video and photography uses. Whether you are into video production or high end product photography, this compact powerful light has got you covered. It has an S-mount bayonet fitting, a Pop up softbox ring and an 8mm umbrella shaft meaning it is compatible with the full range of Interfit light modifiers, giving the Badger Beam limitless light shaping options. It also boasts mains and battery power making this a seriously capable lighting tool both in and out of the studio!   

Boya BY-DM200 Digital Cardioid Condenser Stereo Microphone for IOS £49.99

Mobile phones are used for just about everything nowadays, so why not give it an audio upgrade. The Boya BY-DM200 is a really simple plug and play microphone that can be used for all types of sound recording, from voice memos to Videos and Vlogging even music, all direct to your mobile device.

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F121 Single 100w Head, Reflector & Umbrella Studio Kit  £89.99

If you know a photographer be they a professional or a hobbyist you’ve probably heard them talk about ‘Studio Flash’. The F121 is a brilliant flash head to get them started, with its simple controls, universal camera compatibility and huge range of light modifying options. It really is a gift that keeps on giving!

InterfitLM8 100W LED Monolight £159.99

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for anyone who creates videos or photos then this is it! With a powerful 100 watt single COB LED it is perfect for both photographers and videographers alike. It is flicker free and near silent running with a huge range of modifying options thanks to its S-mount fitting. This light can’t fail to brighten up someone’s Christmas.

Interfit Badger Unleashed  £299.99

Here it is the ultimate photographic accessory. This pint sized portable battery powered flash is small enough to fit in a kit bag but, powerful enough to handle anything! With 250watts of power and HSS/TTL capabilities it will definitely be on the Christmas list!!

So, there you have it, five fantastic Christmas gift ideas that are sure to win over any Scrooge this Christmas

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