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Interfit Badger Unleashed 250w Sports Photographer Kit - Nikon

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  • Speed: Super sharp images with HSS up to 1/8000th and with only a 1.5 second full power recycle it can keep up with anything.
  • Power: 250w over a 9 stop range gives absolute control.
  • Functionality: Full TTL compatibility, and can be controlled from up to 90m with multi-functional remote.
  • Made For Sports: This kit was put together for the sports photographer, pairing it with modifiers that will complement your photo but keep your load light. 
  • Dedicated Nikon Remote: Included is the Interfit Sony Remote for TTL and HSS that was developed alongside Nikon using their protocols. Fire off your camera up to 1/8000th of a second with no problems with a fast reload time from the badger unleashed flash head. 
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1 Year Warranty We will replace any faulty Flash unit with a one year period*
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The Badger Unleashed is a fearless shooting companion like its predecessor, but this time with a battery-powered 250Ws strobe and HSS/TTL capabilities for the ultimate on-the-go flash head!


  • 2900mAh Li-Ion Battery – Offers up a whopping 430 full-power flashes
  • High-Speed Sync and through the lens metering for even more creative freedom
  • Best-In-Class Recycle – Only 1.5 seconds at full power
  • 9-Stop Power Range – Allows you to dial in exposure with absolute precision
  • Versatile Modifier Mount – Compatible with Bowens® S-Type modifiers and pop-up softboxes


Building off the success of the Honey Badger, the Badger Unleashed shredded the restraints of an AC power cable and now roams free thanks to a drop-in Lithium-Ion battery. Add in High-Speed Sync and TTL capabilities, and the Badger Unleashed becomes a fearless shooting companion and the ultimate on-the-go flash head!

The Badger Unleashed is a direct response to customer requests for a light with the compact form factor of the Honey Badger and the mobility and high-tech functionality of the S1. We packed 250Ws of power, a 15W LED modelling lamp, and an in-line battery into a small body. Included HSS and TTL for the most versatile Badger yet! This all comes in the bold yellow colour you know, but with new design changes for an unmistakably Interfit experience.

Primary Features

Built-In Battery Power:

The namesake feature of the Badger Unleashed is an entirely DC powered system, offering full portability in a compact body with 250Ws of light in up to 430 full-power flashes. Out of juice? The Badger Unleashed can recharge its battery to full in just 90 minutes, and extra battery packs can be swapped mid-shoot, so you’ll never miss that golden hour at the end of your shoot again!

Deep Zoom Reflector: 

The Interfit 45˚ Deep Zoom Reflector doubles the perceived brightness of your light source by columnizing the light into a tight, 45˚ beam angle. This feature makes the Deep Zoom Reflector a great modifier for sports arena photographers where you need to throw light over long distances, or for location work where additional brightness may be necessary to combat bright ambient light. This reflector pairs very well with the Interfit Badger unleashed in HSS.

The Interfit 45˚ Deep Zoom Reflector creates a very even throw of light with very limited light fall-off and a defined edge. Using the optional honeycomb grids will allow you to restrict the beam angle even further, creating precise and dramatic light.

Standard 18cm Reflector: 

The Interfit Standard 18CM (7”) Reflector is a versatile and easy-to-use light modifier. When used by itself, a 18cm (7”) reflector creates a concentrated and crisp light and can be focused into tighter beams using the optional honeycomb grids.

60cm x 60cm Pop up softbox: 

Interfit’s range of Pop-Up Softboxes are an easy-to-use solution perfect for studio or location shooting. No need for complicated assembly, simply folds open and closes within seconds! This range of softboxes are ideal for portrait and product photography and location shoots including wedding photography.

Interfit Backpack: 

This high-quality backpack was designed to hold two complete Interfit S1 flash heads and all the accessories that are included. There is room inside for two 500Ws flash heads with reflectors, and much more! Padded dividers allow you to customize the layout of this bag to fit your needs. Whether you need to carry a complete lighting kit, or your camera gear and a gang of speedlights, this backpack will be ready for you.

The backpack is designed to meet the needs of working photographers. Rugged construction for everyday use, padded straps and hip belt for added comfort and plenty of additional space for accessories gives photographers the ability to round out this kit to suit their own unique shooting style.

The backpack features:

  • Rugged Nylon construction with durable YKK Zippers; the same material used in hiking backpacks
  • Padded shoulder straps and hip belt for maximum comfort
  • Plenty of internal storage compartments for laptops, cables, remotes and other accessories
  • Outer straps to secure light stands, tripods, umbrellas and more
  • Built-in rain cover to protect your equipment when bad weather hits

*This backpack will fit in the overhead storage compartment of most commercial airlines.

Nikon Remote: 

The TTL-S Remote for Sony gives users complete wireless control of their Interfit premium monolights from the camera position.

  • Allows for precise power adjustment in Manual, TTL and High-Speed Sync modes
  • Supports Sony’s P-TTL  protocol and is compatible with the A6000, A6300, A7, A7II, A7III, A7S, A7SII, A7R, A7RII, A7RIII, A9 (see firmware update page for most recent models)
  • Syncs at up to 1/8000sec.
  • Has an operating range of 100m (320′)
  • Gives control of the audible recycle beep and LED modeling lamp
  • Uses two AAA batteries


**NOTE: Your lights and remotes may need a firmware update to ensure complete compatibility. Check for latest firmware!

Box Contains:

  • 2x Badger Unleashed 250Ws Flash Head
  • 2x Badger Unleashed 2900mAh Battery Pack
  • 2x Battery Charging Cable
  • 1x Deep Zoom Reflector
  • 1 x Standard Reflector
  • 1 x Interfit Backpack
  • 1 x Nikon Remote
  • 1x Quick Start Guide
TTL Remote
Compatibility Interfit Badger Unleashed, S1, S1a
Frequency 2.4GHz
Channels 8
Groups 3 (A, B, C)
Maximum Flash Sync Speed 1/250sec. in normal sync mode, 1/8000sec. in high speed sync mode
Transmission Range 100m (320')
Power Supply 2 – AAA Batteries (not included)
Dimensions 8 x 6 x 6cm (3 x 2.5 x 2.5″)
Weight 130g (0.3lb)
In The Box 1 x Interfit TTL-S Remote for Nikon
Badger Unleashed
Maximum Power: 250Ws
Colour Temperature: 5500 ±100K
Power Range: 9-Stops (250Ws – 1Ws)
Recycle Time: 1.5 Seconds
Multi (Stroboscopic) Mode: Up to 90 flashes at 99Hz *Multi-Mode is only compatible with Interfit Version 2 TTL Remotes, coming Spring 2019
LED Modelling Lamp: 15W, 1250Lm, 5500K, 90+ CRI
Triggering: Sync Port IR/Optical Cell Interfit Manual Remote Interfit TTL Remotes
Shooting Modes: Manual, TTL, HSS
Flash Exposure Compensation: +/- 3 stops
Max Sync Speed: 1/250 sec. in normal sync mode 1/8000 sec. in HSS mode
Battery Type: 14.8V, 2900mAh lithium-ion cell
Battery Life: 430 full-power flashes
Channels: 15* (1-15) *Limited to channels 1-8 when using Interfit Gen. 1 TTL Remotes
Groups: 5* (A, B, C, D, E) *Groups D and E will be unlocked with Interfit Gen. 2 TTL Remotes (Spring 2019)
Head Dimensions: 5” × 6” × 7” (12.7 × 15 × 17.8cm)
Head Weight: 2.3kg
In The Box 2 x Badger Unleashed 250Ws Flash Head, 1x Badger Unleashed 2900mAh Battery Pack, 1x Battery Charging Cable, 1x Quick Start Guide
Interfit Pop Up Softbox
Fitting Type Pop-Up Softbox Ring
Softbox 60cm (24") Pop-up
Softbox Material Nylon
Heat Resistant No
Inner Diffuser Yes
Outer Diffuser Yes
Accepts Honeycomb Grid No
Construction Aluminum reinforced polycarbonate
Weight 720 g
In The Box 1 x Interfit 60x60cm Pop Up Softbox, 1 x Inner Diffuser, 1 x Outer Diffuser, 1 x Nylon Carry Bag
Interfit Deep Zoom Reflector
Material Aluminium
Internal Finish Pebbled Silver
Mount Bowens S-Type
Beam Angle 45 Degrees
Light Gain + 1 Stop
Accepts Grids Yes – Not Included
Dimensions 28 x 28 x 34cm (11.5″ x 11.5″ x 13.5″)
Weight 500g
In The Box 1 x 45 Degrees Deep Zoom Reflector
Interfit Standard 18cm (7″) Reflector
Material Aluminium
Internal Finish Pebbled Silver
Mount Bowens S-Type
Accepts Grids Yes – Not Included
Dimensions 18cm (7″)
Weight 0.2Kg (0.4lb)
In The Box 1 x Interfit Standard 18cm (7″) Reflector
Interfit Twin-Head Lighting Backpack
Construction 1000D Cordura Nylon and Neoprene
Zippers YKK
Internal Dimensions Main compartment – 53.3x35.5 x20.3cm (21″ x 14″ x 8″) (LxWxH) Additional storage compartments allow for even greater storage capacity
External Dimensions 58.4x43x30.5cm (23″ x 17″ x 12″) (LxWxH)
Weight 2.8kg
In The Box 1 x Interfit Twin-Head Lighting Backpack
My [HB320/HBU250/INTS1/INTS1A] will not connect to the trigger?

Please ensure that you are on the same channel (this will be the number eg. 1a) on both the light and the trigger, as well as ensuring both the light and the trigger are up to date with your camera model. You can find firmware here

Please ensure your camera hot shoe settings are correct, please refer to your camera user manual.

If you think you have updated your firmware and it doesn’t suit your older camera type, please contact us for backdated firmware files – you must have a Dropbox/Google drive account to enable us to send them.

How do I set one of my [HB320/HBU250/INTS1/INTS1A] to fire at a higher/lower setting than another light on the same channel?

Simply set up the lights on the same channel, then set the group to a different setting, from here you can control individual lights. For example, one [light] can be on 1A at 4.5 and another [light] can be on 1B at 5.0 – as long as they are on the same channel they will fire at the same time with different settings.

How do I change the flash tube to my [HB320/HBU250/INTS1/INTS1A/F121]?

Please see this video on how to change the flash tube.

Can another light fire my [HB320/HBU250/INTS1/INTS1A/F121]?

Yes! All our Interfit flash range will have optical sync which will enable your flash to be triggered by another light source, simply set the mode to CELL and your [HB320/HBU250/INTS1/INTS1A] will be fired by another light. Cell mode works on the speed of light, for best results use a direct line. Please note, on this mode you cannot control HSS or TTL.

How do I connect my [HB320/HBU250/INTS1/INTS1A/F121] direct to my camera with a sync lead?

With the sync cable that comes with the [HB320/HBU250/INTS1/INTS1A] plug it directly into the PC Sync Socket on your camera. Entry-level cameras do not have these, but you can buy an adapter. Like cell mode, you will not be able to control HSS or TTL using this method to fire the lights.

My trigger will not fire my [HB320/HBU250/INTS1/INTS1A/F121] when connected to my camera?

Check that the hotshoe settings on your camera are set up correctly, refer to your camera’s user manual. 

Please also make sure all contact points on both the camera and trigger are clean and are not damaged.

Can I use another trigger to fire my [HB320/HBU250/INTS1/INTS1A] other than the S1 Nikon, Canon Sony and Manual triggers?

We cannot guarantee any third-party equipment will work with our Interfit lights as they would not have been tested. If they do work, it is not guaranteed that you will be able to control HSS and TTL functions with them. 

Can I plug my [HB320 /INTS1/INTS1A/Monolight/F121] into an extension lead?

Yes, but like with any socket do not overload the extension lead and make sure it is a properly rated, surge protected extension lead.

Can I use my [HB320/HBU250/INTS1/INTS1A/Monolight/F121] in Europe?

Yes you can use your [HB320/HBU250/INTS1/INTS1A/Monolight/F121] in Europe.

There is a delay when firing my [HB320/HBU250/INTS1/INTS1A] or it fires intermittently?

Please ensure that both the light and the trigger are up to date with your camera model. You can find firmware here. You could be over firing the flash, the higher the setting of the light intensity, the longer the flash tube will take to recharge.

The flash on my [HB320/HBU250/INTS1/INTS1A] doesn’t work?

Please ensure that both the light and the trigger are up to date with your camera model. You can find firmware here. Your flash tube may have reached the end of its lifespan, you may need to purchase a replacement. Please also ensure that the flash tube is installed correctly - see this video on how to change the flash tube.

How do I charge my Badger Battery?

When charging the battery for the HBU250 please make sure the charging cable is inserted and light on the transformer has turned RED. When charging is complete the light on the charger will turn GREEN. NOTE: If the battery charger has not been inserted correctly or the battery is not connected the light on the transformer will remain GREEN

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