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Product Videos

Here are some Interfit videos on our current range of products: These include the Badger Unleashed, Interfit S1, LED Ringlight and more. If you want to learn about how to set up products then you need to view our how-to video guides by clicking here

Interfit LED Ring Light

The Interfit 46cm (18”) LED Ring Light is a full spectrum Bi-Colour LED light that is perfect for both photography and videography. Stylish controls allow for flicker-free adjustments for dimming the light output and colour temperature. The circular shape of the LED lights evenly illuminates the subject, making this light perfect for vlogging, portraits and more. The diffusion filter provides a soft light output giving a gentle wrapping light to softly illuminate your subject.

Interfit - Badger UNLEASHED

Building off the success of the Honey Badger, the Badger Unleashed shredded the restraints of an AC power cable and now roams free thanks to a drop-in Lithium-Ion battery. Add in High-Speed Sync and TTL capabilities, and the Badger Unleashed becomes a fearless shooting companion and the ultimate on-the-go flash head! The Badger Unleashed is a direct response to customer requests for a light with the compact form factor of the Honey Badger and the mobility and high-tech functionality of the S1. We packed 250Ws of power, a 15W LED modeling lamp, and an in-line battery into a small body, and included HSS and TTL in addition to a new stroboscopic mode for the most versatile Badger yet! This all comes in the bold yellow color you know, but with new design changes for an unmistakably Interfit experience.

Interfit Pro & Red Bull Photographer Leo Francis takes the S1 monolight on location with BMX rider

Interfit Pro Ambassador & Red Bull Photographer Leo Francis takes the S1 monolight on location with BMX ride Alex Almondr to get some amazing HSS shots during golden hour. Video by @reddotmedia

Engagement Shoot Challenge | 5 Hours, 1 Badger Unleashed

Interfit USA Creative Pro and celebrity photographer Austin Henry Wallace met up with us in the redwoods of California to try out the Badger Unleashed for the first time in a challenge to shoot his clients' engagement photos with only one of the new lights.

Interfit S1 Product Overview

Product overview of our flagship flash the Interfit S1, The Interfit S1 is the first high-tech TTL HSS monolight to include intelligent TTL and HSS technology in a battery-powered monolight with an included International Multi-Voltage AC Power adapter in one complete package.