User Manuals

Lost your user manual? Need to quickly look up how to do something? We've got you covered - our digital user manual files can be found here! We've organized each product by category, so you can simply find the type of product and then scroll down to what you need info for. If you need additional help, check out our contact page for customer support details!


Interfit S1 Manual

Honey Badger 320w Manual

Badger Unleashed Manual

F121 100w & 200w Manual


TTL Remote for Canon

TTL Remote for Nikon

TTL Remote for Sony

Universal Manual Remote


Interfit 600 LED Panel Manual

Interfit 1200 LED Panel Manual

Interfit 100w LED Monolight Manual


Interfit f5 Manual

Need Help?

If you need help or any guidance for using our products then please contact the customer service team at or call 0121 522 4800

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