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Portable, Powerful, Fearless

Designed In Sports Photography

Interfit has created the ‘Badger Unleashed’ a powerful go anywhere, do anything 250w HSS/TTL flash. This one of a kind strobe is gives you high quality studio lighting where ever you are. It’s compact enough to fit in your kit bag but, is still powerful enough to handle what ever you throw at it. All this makes it the perfect companion on any assignment no matter how ‘Fearless’ #unitethefearlessThe HSS (high speed sync) allows this unit to shoot at up to a staggering 1/8000 of a second making it perfect for freezing the action during any adrenaline flued sport! Alternatively, use the HSS mode to combat bright sunlight and capture perfect sunsets or dramatic sun drenched sky’s!  No time to set up? Let the TTL mode take the stress out of the exposure as it calculates how much flash is needed. This allows you to easily and quickly move locations with minimal fuss helping to making the most of your time. With it’s built in S-Mount bracket it has countless light modifying options, making perfect for everything from location product photography to high fashion in the studio.  The Badger Unleashed was designed for the fearless it is a market leading product and is unbelievable value for money. Don’t be fooled by its playful exterior this animal packs quite a punch! 

Capture The Moment

Photographing speed is never easy especially when you only have one shot! Being able to control the light and not compromise your camera settings is a must. During this assignment, we were able to shoot at high enough shutter speeds to freeze the action even though at times we  low light conditions due to the think tree canopy. This was all down to the HSS mode on the Badger Unleashed which allows you camera to sync at super hi speeds using the dedicated remote, making it perfect for extreme sports like this. 

When taking on a photo shoot like this portability is a must, a lot of the areas we were working in were only accessible by mountain bike or on foot!  The unleashed is so lightweight it was easy to pack into a kit bag (interfit INTBP1) along with the camera gear, we could then easily move from one location to another. Photo shoots like this are always very exciting and a lot of fun and being able to reflect that in the thefinished image is always the desired result. The Bader Unleashed preformed fantastically allowing us to really push the riders a little harder and faster so they could show us how fearless they really are.

Designed For The Fearless

Our LED Monolight has been specifically designed to aid in video productions as a sole lighting source to filling light. Watch the Video below from Coix Shoes to see what they can do.